Hugh Simpson-Wells, CEO and Founder, Oxford Computer Group
Hugh Simpson-Wells, Founder, Oxford Computer Group

Oxford Computer Group has been around for four decades. In that time the IT world has evolved and we have evolved with it – shaped by customer needs. We started out working on applications long gone, like SuperCalc and WordStar, and moved on to Logistix and Open Plan. We caught the Windows wave. The past 20 years has been largely dedicated to the Microsoft Identity stack. Once again we are evolving – this time into the cloud, and all it has to offer in economies of scale, flexibility, and mobility.

Oxford Computer Group (OCG) is a federation of companies with a common mission, sharing common values and technical expertise.

In Germany, Austria, the UK and the USA we trade as Oxford Computer Group. In the Netherlands, OCG is represented by Trusted-ID.  Oxford Computer Training is OCG’s specialist traning company and has trained more than 8,000 IT professionals in 6 continents in the last decade.

Change is what makes IT exciting. I look forward to the next evolution. And whatever it is, we’ll be at the forefront!